History of Indian Softball

In the year 1944 and 1945 some of the boys played Softball Game with AMERICAN ARMY stationed in Jodhpur during second world war . The Father of Indian soft ball Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta was one of them ,later he and his friends started playing Softball regularly. Later they discovered that games similar to Softball were being played in India.
First time this game was started in Rajasthan and after that spread throughout the Country, Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta formed SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION OF INDIA on 21st Nov 1961 under the noble guidance of Dr. L.M.Singhavi, Mr. Anand Singh Kachawa, Mr. Madanlal Pungalia, Mr. K.D. Gautam and valued support of their good friends. Still they had confusion in rules and they were in search of Softball Association in America and had some addresses to clarify the rules. In the year 1964 they came in contact with the softball lovers who formed INTERNATIONAL SOFTBALL FEDERATION for the promotion of the softball game headquartered in America. The International Softball Federation organized the first World Softball Championship (women) in Australia in 1965. the members of International Softball federation agreed to visit our country on way after world championship. The American team visited India at Calcutta in March, 1965 and played Softball Exhibition Game with Indian Team which proved boon for us to develop softball game in country and to publish our own Rules Book, Mr. W.W. Khetan, President Mr. Don A. Porter, Secretary and Mr. Dickston, Umpire in Chief, International Softball Federation were with the team who conducted the first Official clinic for Indian Umpires. They cleared the rules on Softball and system of umpiring on softball game. Persons with the Indian team attended that clinic and were successful. We cannot forget the kind patronage of Mr. P.D. Himmatsika who managed the event in Calcutta.

     In 1965 the first rule book on softball game was published in country to promote softball game in different states and in the year 1967 first National softball championship for men and Women was organized at jodhpur, Teams from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan  participated in this event.

In the year 1973 the Softball Association of India was recognized by All India Council of Sports. We did our best to promote softball game in country and send our teams to participate in the Asian Championships for men and women. We organized the coaching camp for coaches first time in Panaji (goa) to have batter coaches to prepare Indian team which was attended by 42 Trainees (men and Women), Mr. Le Min Kuan of China and Mr. Sanny Sultan of Singapore Imparted Coaching Camp. Mr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abu Talib Secretary General of ASA ASIA  visited and expressed that the camp was land mark keeping view of number of trainees and standard. We have also conducted Umpires and coaching clinic in 1997 at Indore ( M.P.), Mr Tommy Wang of Chinese Taipei and Mr. Sunny Sultan of Singapore trained our umpires and coaches.
Since the days of humble beginnings in Rajasthan the Softball as a game in India has become a name to reckon with and its popularity is increasing day by day. 

Journey of Indian Softball at a glance

S.No. Year Activity
1. 1961 Foundation of the Softball Association of India at Jodhpur (Rajasthan).
2. 1965 Invited American National Women Team to play Exhibition Game with Indian Team at Calcutta.
3. 1965 International Umpires Clinic to promote Softball Game in India on sound footing.
4. 1965 Affiliation granted by the International Softball Federation.
5. 1965 Published Official Rules to promote Softball Game.
6. 1967 Recognition Granted by the Indian Olympic Association.
7. 1973 Recognition Granted by the Government of India.
8. 1983 Indo - China Test Series in India at Hyderabad,Banswara,Jaipur,Solan,Delhi.
9. 1984 China - India Test Series in China at teinjing,Beijing,Changsa(Two Tests),Guangzhou.
10. 1985 Participated in Men's Asian Championship in Japan Shri S.C.Sen and K.Das were awarded for best performances as Catcher and Out Fielder.
11. 1986 Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta was nominated on tech. Commission at International Level by the President, ISF.
12. 1990 Participated in Men's Asian Championship at Manila.
13. 1991 Participated in Women Championship at Jakarta.
14. 1994 Dr. Pravin Anaokar was nominated on Development Committee of Amateur Softball Association (Asia).
15. 1994 Dr. Dashrath Mal Mehta & Dr. Pravin Anaokar attended Asian Games held in Hiroshima (Japan) on organization of Asian Softball Games.
16. 1995 The following persons of India have been nominated on different commissions at International Level:
Shri Hazari Lal, IPS on Protocol Commission.
Shri Dharama V. Chodandar on Legislation Commission.
17. 1995 Participated in Asian Woman Championship at Manila (Philippines).
18. 1995 Organized Camp for Coaches at Asian Level to promote Softball Game on sound footing. 42 persons (Men and Women) participated and declared successful. It was first of it's kinds. Organized in Panaji (Goa).
19. 1996 Organized 13th Asian Congress at Hotel Rajhans, Surajkund, Faridabad and more than 35 Delegates participated from Asian countries.
20. 1996 Organized the A.S.A. (Asia) Umpires' Clinic cum Test to have approved Umpires of A.S.A. (Asia Level).
21. 1997 1st Asian Youth Softball Championship for Boys and Girls (under 19 years) organized in Chennai (India) and Indian Boys team made all of us proud by securing the Silver Medal
22. 1998 Indian team participated in the 6th Asian men's softball championship at Manila (Philippines).
23. 2000 Asian Youth Softball Championship for Girls (under 19 years) organized at Aurangabad (India).
24. 2002 Dr. Pravin Anaokar has been elected as vice president of softball confederation of asia (A.S.A).
25. 2003 Indian team participated in the 7th Asian men's softball championship at Manila (Philippines).
26. 2004 Indian team participated in the Asian women's softball championship at Manila (Philippines).
27. 2010 Indian Youth girls team participated in the youth Asian women's softball championship at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
28. 2010 Mr. Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi elected in Vice President of Softball Confedration of Asia.